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From the car park to the shop window, from the sales floor to the warehouse - the right lighting makes the difference. Now you can easily find the optimum lighting solution for your store. Thorn offers intelligent, low-maintenance and energy-saving products at an attractive price. Available worldwide and at short notice, these solutions transform sales and presentation areas into modern customer experiences.

Join us to discover the easiest way to smart lighting!

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Your shop in the best light:



Electricians and Service Providers

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Many Thorn products are internationally certified and available globally.

Full product

Thanks to its extensive product portfolio, Thorn can always offer the right solution for the retail sector - from the car park to the warehouse.

Comprehensive range
of accessories

Lenses, reflectors, optical filters and much more – the core Thorn product range is perfectly complemented by a wide variety of accessories.

Short delivery

Thorn products are soon with you on site - long waiting times are a thing of the past.


Thorn products come with a 5-year warranty. Customers benefit from an extensive service package and the Zumtobel Group’s global network.


Thorn products are modern energy savers - with or without LED.

Products and services

Tonic Tonic Flexible LED spotlight family with excellent colour rendering. Tonic is globally certified and has an integrated multi-voltage driver for worldwide use. Details will be available online soon. Come and experience Tonic in advance at EuroShop.
Primata LED Primata LED Modular LED trunking system with quick and easy installation (4000 K, 4600 lm) More about Primata LED
Chalice Chalice Versatile LED downlight with the option of three lumen packages, two diameters and a low installation depth of less than 100 mm (CRI > 80, 3000 K / 4000 K, up to 3000 Lm, IP54) More about the Chalice range
<span>Chalice Pro</span> Chalice Pro Efficient LED downlight with excellent colour rendering (CRI >90, 3000 K / 4000 K, up to 3000 Llm, IP54, UGR<19) More about the Chalice Pro family
HiPak HiPak Efficient LED high bay luminaire for tall shelving and logistic applications (4000 K, up to 25,000 lm) More about the HiPak product and accessory range
Glacier II LED Glacier II LED Decorative pendant luminaire with four different reflectors (3000 K / 4000 K, up to 6000 lm) More about the Glacier II LED portfolio
Arrowflex Arrowflex Compact LED strips for seamless indirect lighting (2700 K / 3000 K / 4000 K, 870 lm)

More about the Arrowflex range

Urba Deco Urba Deco Decorative LED street lantern with a unique design language (4000 K, 9,100 lm)

More about the Urba Deco portfolio

CiviTEQ CiviTEQ Highly efficient LED street lantern with award-winning design (4000 K, up to 20,100 lm) More about CiviTEQ lanterns and accessories

Smart, professional and versatile

Surface-mounted or recessed, spotlight or downlight: The correct light intensity and perfect colour rendering are especially important for the presentation of food and consumer items in shops, showrooms and supermarkets. Thorn products and solutions put your goods and retail spaces in the best possible light - with LED or conventional light sources. 
Zumtobel Group Services provide you with all the support that makes professional lighting easy and cost effective. Lighting design, light as a service, the Internet of Things, Smart City, security lighting to lighting controls are just some of the aspects that we are happy to advise you on.

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